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Here at INCA social media marketing agency, we tailor all of our projects to your company’s unique goals and objectives. We focus on these goals to make sure we are constantly utilizing the right tools and efforts to meet them. The same goes for our social media marketing agency services. We work diligently to create social media advertising campaigns that align with your objectives and budget so that we can help you use social media to your full advantage.


Broad Spectrum Social Media Marketing Agency Services

Social media has been developing for decades now. What began as a place to connect with friends, family, and colleagues has since turned into an incredibly effective and lucrative way for businesses to connect with customers. Though these methods can have an enormous impact, it is not easy to advance in the social media sector without the help of a social media agency. Our social media marketing agency services can help you navigate the complex and delicate arena of social media marketing to use these platforms to your company’s advantage.

Our Social Media Marketing Agency Offerings

Here at INCA social media agency, we are proud to offer a wide range of social media marketing solutions to help increase your online presence and improve the efficacy of any campaigns you choose to create. Without an audience, social media marketing can have minimal impact. Fortunately, our wide range of social media agency services increase impact and inspire engagement.

Facebook Marketing

As one of the original social media websites, Facebook is still a highly effective platform for social media marketing. Paid advertisements, when done correctly, have an incredible impact on name recognition, followers, and advertising efficacy.
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Instagram Marketing

Posting images that lead users to your website landing pages can be highly effective. Using strategic posts and links can increase website SEO while simultaneously leading users to follow your social media accounts. Promotional videos also help with engagement. Our social media marketing agency team determines which methods suit your business and implement them strategically on your social media pages.
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LinkedIn Marketing

LinkedIn is an appropriate marketing platform for companies providing services rather than goods. Ads on this platform can bring in business-to-business connections and inspire engagement with like-minded people and niche audience groups. In addition, LinkedIn ads through a social media marketing agency can have high conversion rates and are effective tools for fast exposure.
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Facebook Page Management

Managing your company’s Facebook page is very involved. Most people in the world have and use Facebook regularly, making a business account a great way to engage, but it must be done correctly. Facebook has a unique algorithm that requires precise advertising methods, which our social media agency can ensure that your business account navigates with ease.

YouTube Marketing

YouTube sponsorships and advertisements yield fast results. However, these ads need to be strategically created and placed to work correctly. Our social media marketing agency team creates YouTube algorithm-friendly advertisements that have a maximum impact.

TikTok Marketing

Though TikTok is a relatively new medium, it can yield impressive results for businesses. The highly sophisticated algorithm allows companies to “go viral” with regularity, meaning that there is a high reward for using the platform. In addition, our social media agency helps you create the the right ads on TikTok.

Statistics From Our Social Media Agency Experience

Social media marketing is incredibly effective, but it can be challenging to understand this without properly understanding some of the statistics and research that support this type of advertising.

Studies show that 86% of women verify a company’s social media before completing a purchase. So even when users find your company’s products or services through another avenue, social media can play a central role in pushing customers to go through with their purchases.

When it comes to younger audiences, Instagram is the best place to go. For example, 59% of individuals ages 18-29 have an Instagram account, giving you a highly concentrated audience for online ads on this platform.

Forty-three percent of trade businesses see traffic that comes specifically from social media engagement.

Sixty-nine percent of engagement from social media happens from a smartphone, increasing the importance of an optimized mobile site for your business, as well as well-assembled social media accounts.

Connect With Our Social Media Marketing Agency Team

If your business’s social media accounts aren’t bringing in business and engagement, it is time to make our change. Our team at INCA social media agency can create a social media marketing plan that aligns with your company goals and values and continuously works toward your objective. By making your campaign unique and goal-oriented, you see better results. If you are ready to begin working with our team to improve your social media engagement, please contact us via our website today.

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