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Whether you are beginning your search engine optimization (SEO) journey or are launching a new concept, Google Ads can create outstanding results. While running advertisements in the long term is often unsustainable, paid ads are a powerful and effective tool for certain situations. Pay per click, or PPC, allows your company to take control of your audience and make sure that your links are being seen. INCA is a PPC agency that will help you execute your pay-per-click campaign to increase results and maximize your budget. With the help of our PPC company, you can feel confident that your advertising efforts will have a substantial impact on searchers.

A Google Advertising Agency That Works for You 

Google ads and PPC campaigns are tailored to take advantage of search engine algorithms. Though your audience is important, our PPC agency always focuses on your business and goals first and foremost. This ensures that your campaign aligns with your company objectives while simultaneously using the algorithm to your advantage.

Our PPC company methods will always be tailored to your particular needs, and we use standard methods during all PPC campaigns.


PPC Marketing

Search Campaigns

Search Campaigns

One of the most impactful PPC marketing methods is search campaigns. These Google advertising agency campaigns are budget-friendly, because your company only pays for the ads when users click on them. This means that you only invest in the ads when they have an actual impact on your website’s traffic. Companies often invest in our PPC agency services when they first begin or when they are launching something new. This helps increase upfront impact and jumpstart the campaign, which ultimately increases momentum for the project’s entirety.


There are multiple ways to use remarketing to increase your business. If someone has browsed your website in the past, but is not an existing customer, remarketing can help encourage them to become a customer. In many cases, remarketing with a Google ads agency involves tracking and engaging with customers who visit your site but did not do what you wanted them to. Google advertising agencies often call this “converting.” If a customer does not convert, there is no benefit to the company. Remarketing reaches out to customers who have shown interest but failed to convert, pushing them to finish what they started. Rather than building a new campaign based on new customer engagement, remarketing allows your company to capitalize on individuals who are already interested.
GDN Campaigns

GDN Campaigns

GDN, or Google Display Network, provides a unique and powerful opportunity for PPC advertising. While search campaigns require a consumer to first search for information on the search engine, GDN ads appear regardless of where they visit. Your ads will appear on the sidebar and within the content of users with specific demographics. This way, your PPC is more targeted and can have a greater impact on a small subset of users.
YouTube Campaigns

YouTube Campaigns

Sponsored videos, video ads, and similar multimedia can make a significant impact on YouTube. Because Google owns YouTube, many of the search algorithms are the same, and the impact can be intense. In addition, making video content generally boosts SEO, and YouTube is a great place to begin that kind of advertising.

A Real Google Advertising Agency

Here at INCA Google ads agency, we understand that strategy means very little if you cannot implement it properly. You can put your confidence in our team, as we are Google certified for our PPC and advertising experience. Google acknowledges that our Google ads agency team are experts in online advertising, and therefore can implement your PPC ad campaign with ease.

Why Choose INCA as Your PPC Agency

Not all PPC companies are the same. Many lack the experience and expertise to develop and execute a unique and effective PPC campaign. Our Google advertising agency team is certified by Google and focuses on creating PPC campaigns tailored to your company’s unique needs.

Our Google ads agency experience, paired with our tailored ad campaigns, yields impressive results and a higher return on investment for your marketing budget.

Work With The Best Digital Marketing Company Today

If you are ready to implement robust, effective PPC into your marketing campaign, we are here to help. Our team at INCA Google advertising agency has been recognized for our PPC services, and we are ready to create custom PPC campaigns for your business. Contact us today to begin.

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