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As a LinkedIn advertising agency, INCA is proud to offer LinkedIn marketing services to our clients. LinkedIn is a powerful website, and using it for advertising can strongly impact your business’s success. Many companies use LinkedIn to build business-to-business connections, expand their offerings, and recruit vendors and employees.

As a LinkedIn advertising agency, we help our clients create specific, focused advertisements unique to their company’s goals and objectives. Rather than applying generic advertisements to all our clients, we take the time to tailor each campaign to a client’s specific needs. This results in more effective, powerful LinkedIn ads.


The Golden Rules for a LinkedIn Advertising Agency

When you use our LinkedIn marketing agency for your LinkedIn ads, it is important to know a bit about how we can help you. Of course, all ads will be different. However, there are some golden rules to follow when advertising on this platform. Our LinkedIn marketing agency applies all these rules to each of our campaigns.

Golden Rule #1

Use high-quality content. When advertising on LinkedIn, you are competing with lots of other professional posts and ads. To stand out and make an impact, it is important to have a distinctive, well-made ad. This means investing in good copy, developing a strong headline, and using unique and standout graphics (if applicable). A LinkedIn advertising agency can help with all of these. Ultimately, your objective is to cause LinkedIn users to stop and read your advertisement rather than scrolling by.

Golden Rule #2

Determine your audience. It is essential to create an audience demographic that will work well for your campaign. Like Instagram and Facebook ads, LinkedIn ads can be tailored to a specific gender, interests, and hobbies. However, with LinkedIn, you can also narrow your audience based on where their place of employment, and more. This gives your LinkedIn marketing agency more control over who sees your ad and the power to ensure the right individuals are exposed to your message.

To take advantage of this, it is important to be specific about your desired audience and outcomes when speaking with your LinkedIn advertising agency.

Golden Rule #3

Determine the best timing for your ad with help from your LinkedIn advertising agency. Because LinkedIn is a more professional social media platform, the timing of your ads can make a difference. Most people check LinkedIn only at their desks or while working, where they may check other social media platforms at all times of the day. When you launch a LinkedIn ad, it’s essential to determine what time of day your audience will be most susceptible to the information. Some ads do well in the morning, while others have more impact around lunchtime. A good LinkedIn marketing agency such as INCA can give you advice about when your ad should appear.

Using the Golden Rules 

When you use the golden rules of LinkedIn to your advantage, you create a more impactful and effective advertisement. This means a higher return on investment and an increased success rate for your marketing efforts.

When you work with our LinkedIn advertising agency, you can be sure that the golden rules will be implemented in every project. We use these rules as a guide to create consistently effective and impactful LinkedIn ads that can expand your business.

Use INCA for Your LinkedIn Marketing Agency Today! 

Our team at INCA has been creating professional, compelling LinkedIn ads for many years. We have mastered the art of the internet’s most professional social media site and can use it to our clients’ advantage. As a successful LinkedIn marketing agency, we understand how powerful LinkedIn can be, so we take special time and care to create advertisements that work at maximum capacity.

If you are ready to begin your LinkedIn marketing campaign, our LinkedIn advertising agency team is here to help. Contact us today to begin.

How Our LinkedIn Marketing Agency Advertises on LinkedIn 

The concept of creating and executing a LinkedIn ad campaign can be daunting. Many businesses and individuals are unsure of where to begin and how to best go about LinkedIn advertising. Our LinkedIn advertising agency is here to help.

First, of course, you must have a professional LinkedIn account with your company’s logo, updated information, and as many connections as possible. Having a well-put-together LinkedIn gives interested users something to click on if they see your ad.

Second, your ad should be optimized and tailored to your audience. You must use quality, intriguing content so that viewers are inspired to connect with your company. If you use generic or boring information, it is unlikely that you will see many new clients from your LinkedIn ad.

We can centralize your message to create ongoing campaigns if you wish to create a more long-term LinkedIn marketing solution. No matter your goals, we help you to meet them.

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