Creating an Effective Instagram Advertising Strategy

Social media marketing is vastly important for modern advertisers. Though Instagram was once used for sharing personal photos and videos, it is now a powerful advertising tool for companies of all kinds. Though the app may seem simple to use on a personal basis, using it to advertise for your business can be another matter altogether. Instagram has a unique algorithm and a lot of competition, meaning that an Instagram advertising strategy is essential to impact your advertisement.

Here at INCA, our company specializes in creating effective Instagram advertising strategies tailored to your unique business. We understand that all businesses are different, and we ensure that we take appropriate steps to create a personal Instagram advertising strategy tailored to your unique company goals.

Marketing on Instagram can be challenging, but with an Instagram advertising strategy from INCA, you can use the platform to your advantage.

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Types of Instagram Advertising Strategies

When you develop your Instagram advertising strategy, you need to understand that you have several options. There are different types of Instagram ads, each with its own unique benefits and challenges. Our team can help you create your Instagram advertising strategy depending upon the goals and benchmarks you would like to achieve. It is important to note that you have control over the demographics that you reach with Instagram ads. This means that you can target users by gender, location, interests, and more. With this type of control, you can give your ads a more significant impact or pull in new groups of customers. Many companies begin developing their Instagram ad strategy by choosing a desired demographic to target.
  • The Instagram feed is the original and primary function of the app. A user’s feed consists of all the photos and videos of accounts that they follow. As a business, your Instagram advertising strategy can involve sharing photos to your business’s profile, and they will appear on users’ feeds only if they are following you. However, a paid Instagram feed ad will appear on users’ feeds regardless of if they follow you or not.
  • Though Instagram Stories are a relatively new function, they are extremely popular and well-watched. The Stories function allows users to share photos, videos, and information that appears on their page’s stories for 24 hours. This means that users see more media than ever before, with a constant stream of new content. In addition, when you pay for a story ad as part of your Instagram advertising strategy, your ad will appear between a user’s friends’ stories. Though it is fleeting, the exposure is still highly effective.
  • Instagram Explore - Instagram’s interface has a built-in feature that allows users to view a grid of posts and stories from users they don’t follow but who have content that matches their interests. This is an opportunity for users to find new content they’d like to follow. When you advertise here as part of your Instagram advertising strategy, you have the advantage of the user coming to you. Rather than disrupting their personal feed, you position yourself to be available when they are in the mood to explore new content. This mindset makes them more open to engaging with your page and more likely to explore your content both on and off the app.

Contact INCA to Create Your Instagram advertising strategy

When you work with us, we develop an Instagram advertising strategy that goes beyond the post. We help you use the algorithm to your advantage to see quantifiable results from your Instagram ad. Contact us today if you are ready to create compelling Instagram advertising for your brand.

Marketing With an Instagram advertising strategy

It is incredibly easy to use any of the Instagram ad locations but incredibly difficult to do them correctly. Without an Instagram advertising strategy from a top digital marketing company like INCA, you can easily spend lots of money on ads that never have the desired effect. Your ads may get lots of views, but that doesn’t always translate into action.

With an Instagram advertising strategy, you can create a series of ads and posts that will approach your desired demographic of people. Then, when you work with a marketing team that understands the algorithm, you give yourself a better chance of a high-impact ad rather than one that wastes time, money, and resources.

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